This Company policy and security document was last updated 12/1/2016.


  • We have an attitude! We have fun at work and don't take life so seriously that We want to make serving you fun for all of us!
  • We want to sell You products and You want to buy them, so lets make a deal. We keep our word no matter what.
  • If We promise You something, You will get it even if We take a loss on it. If We make a mistake We will admit it and do what We can to fix it.
  • If You find a problem, or something does not work right, do not get mad, don't write us nasty e-mails, just tell us and give us a chance to solve the problem. We will repair or replace any product that is defective, provided You did not abuse or misuse it.
  • We want to make You happy, but You have to help and be reasonable.
  • Every company We represent is substantial and managed by professionals, they will help us to help You.
  • Have some class and treat us with respect and We will do the same for You.
  • Abusive or unreasonable people will be ignored. Life is short, lets have fun.
  • We reserve the right to refuse to do business with anyone at anytime. If You having a bad day, call us tomorrow!
  • Please be reasonable and sensible. That is how we are.

You and Your, We, Us and GeneratorJoe

  • In this policy We refer to You several times. You and Your refers to You as the customer.
  • GeneratorJoe and We refers to us.
  • We tried to make this policy explanation simple and clear.
  • If You do not understand one of our policies please ask us.


  • We DO NOT and WILL NOT disclose Your personal information, including Your name, address, transaction or other information to anyone, for any reason. We DO NOT and will not sell Your name, address or contact information to anyone, at anytime. WE PROMISE!
  • GeneratorJoe recognizes its obligation to protect the privacy and safety of its online guests. We have developed these privacy and safety practices in order to maintain these standards.
  • Personal Information:
  • We will collect no personal information about you when you visit our Web site unless you choose to provide that information to us. We do not require any personal information for access to most of our Web site. Any personal information that you provide by email or Web forms will be used only for such purposes as are described at the point of collection, such as to respond to your questions or comments, or to send information or products to you. If you provide contact information, GeneratorJoe staff or our contractors may contact you to clarify your comment or question, or to learn about your level of customer satisfaction with our services. Our site's membership registration form requires that you give us contact information (like your name, address and email address). We use customer contact information from the registration form to help us provide better products and service and to send you information or promotional materials. You may decline the opportunity to receive future mailings; your personal information will remain in our database, however. We will not disclose any personal information to third parties except when it is required to complete a customer-requested transaction or delivery, or if a court subpoenas this information.
  • Protection of Children's Personal Information: GeneratorJoe does not publish content that is targeted to children. GeneratorJoe does not actively seek any demographic or preference information from children, nor will it ever disclose any personally identifying information regarding children to third parties.
  • Statistical vs. Personal Information: Some non-personal information is collected and stored automatically when you visit GeneratorJoe. If you do nothing during your visit but browse through the Web site, read pages or download information, we will gather and store certain information about your visit automatically. This information does not identify you personally. Our system collects data in the server log that may include: IP address, Domain name, Type of browser, Operating system, Pages viewed and Search requests. If you linked to the GeneratorJoe Web site from another Web site, that Web site's address may be logged. We aggregate this data and use it for statistical purposes. For example, the aggregated data helps us to determine the volume of our Web site users' interest in areas of our Web site. It also helps us understand how we can improve the navigation and content of our Web site. We may disclose this to third parties, but only in an aggregated form.
  • Use of Cookies: Non-personal information may also be collected with the use of cookies. When someone visits the Web site, a cookie is placed on the customer's machine (only if the visitor's Web browser has been set to accept cookies) or is read if the visitor has visited the site previously. GeneratorJoe collects aggregated site-visitation statistics using cookies. We do not track individuals' use of the site. If your browser is set to not accept cookies, you will be able to view most of the site; however, you may not be able to take advantage of personalized content, conveniences or services that are offered on the site.
  • Password Protection:
  • To protect against unauthorized access to your password and your computer, it is important that you log out when you have completed your business on GeneratorJoe on a shared computer.
  • Online Shopping: When you shop online at GeneratorJoe, you are in a secured environment that is designed to protect your transaction and credit card number. We use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software which encrypts the information you provide. In addition, we only display the last four digits of your credit card number when confirming your order, although the entire number is transmitted to your credit card company. On our Web site, you can tell that the site is secure because the Web address (URL) begins with https://. You man also see an icon representing a lock in the lower right corner of your browser window. Many product information pages appear outside of the secure area but all areas where you input data or communicate with GeneratorJoe are secure. You will notice when you go to the shopping cart the lock symbol at the bottom of the browser will show that you are in an encrypted environment.
  • Security: GeneratorJoe will provide commercially available and reasonable security measures. However, you understand and acknowledge that certain risks are inherent in the transmission of information over the Internet and you agree to assume the security risk for the transmission of the information you provide to use this Site. GeneratorJoe may, at any time, revise these policies by updating this posting. Your continued use of this Site indicates your acceptance of all revisions and you should, therefore, periodically visit this page to review these policies for changes. If you have any comments or questions about this policy, please contact:


  • It is Your responsibility to read our disclaimers, policies and warranties. We provide extensive on-site information, prepared by us and others for Your use but We do not guarantee the accuracy or content of any information provided. It is Your responsibility to read, understand and apply the information available to Your situation, which We have no control over. We will try to help but We disavow any and all responsibility for the use of this information. If You have any doubts contact a professional and pay them to assist You.
  • You are responsible for the selection of the products You purchase. We make suggestions based on what You tell us but the ultimate decision to purchase a particular product its Yours, not ours.
  • We cannot be responsible if You purchase the wrong unit, for the wrong application or with the wrong specifications


  • GeneratorJoe is an equipment supplier, We are not engineering consultants, contractors or installers. All material is supplied on the terms stated on the quote or sales invoice and We do not allow retentions, liens or other infringements on our payment terms.
  • Sales Taxes will be collected on all orders in California, unless the item is for resale and GeneratorJoe has a resale card on file at the time of the transaction. There are no sales taxes collected for sales in other states, other than California. If Your state requires sales taxes to be paid it is Your responsibility to pay those taxes
  • All quotations will be valid for 30 days or a lesser period as stated on the quote. Quotes will automatically expire unless a written extension is provided by an officer of GeneratorJoe.
  • Permits, licenses and government fees are NOT included in any quote or sales price.
  • Offloading equipment, placement and setting are NOT included in any quote or sales price unless specifically stated on the quote or sales invoice.
  • Installation costs, pre-inspection and other labor and materials not specifically stated in any quotation or sales are NOT included in the transaction.
  • Freight is NOT included and will be billed as stated in the quote or sales invoice and if not stated, freight will be billed in accordance with our normal policy. See FREIGHT below. If an item states "Free Freight" that means We pay the freight for the item and We get to choose how to ship it. If You want another method of shipment then You pay the freight.
  • Sizing of generators is generally based on verbal information provided by the customer. If You provided a verbal or written load list, our calculations are based on generally accepted principals in the industry, but We do not guarantee load handling or coverage of any generator. The size of the unit You purchase is Your responsibility. If you need assistance contact a licensed engineer.
  • You must take proper precautions to prevent damage, overloading or misuse of the equipment provided. We are not responsible for Your use, treatment or maintenance of the equipment Your purchased. Read the manual and/or hire a professional engine mechanic.
  • We are not responsible for freight damage. See the Freight Damage section in this document.


  • For optimal performance and safety, always read the owners manual before operating any type of equipment.
  • We are not responsible for product misuse, clerical errors on pages or in email messages.
  • Terms of sale are as printed on advertisements or on our web site and the most restrictive version shall apply.
  • Any other terms, conditions or modifications must be in writing and signed by a company officer or are void.


This Notice appears throughout the website and is specifically shown on most product detail pages, please read it carefully.

Notice: Specifications, features, controls and other data subject to change, substitution or modification without notice. Some data provided may be approximate. We recommend that You review the review Product Details, Product Brochures and Warranty for this product carefully. All equipment should be sized, installed, started and maintained by professionals or knowledgeable users. The buyer is responsible for selection of equipment, GeneratorJoe accepts no engineering, sizing or suitability responsibilities in connection with Your purchase. Manufacturers may require professional startup services to validate warranties. All sales subject to conditions of sale posted on this website on this page. All policies are subject to change without notice."


  • You can order from our SECURE128 bit encrypted online store or You can call in Your order and pay with any of the methods shown on the home page.


  • Prices are subject to change without notice.
  • We have a large number of items and while We try hard to keep things up to date it simply is not possible to be perfect.
  • All orders are carefully checked for costs when received and sometimes We discover large cost changes that make it impossible to fill the order. If this happens We will notify You and try to work out a compromise. If We cannot make a reasonable profit on a sale We can't process it.
  • We reserve the right to cancel or reject any sale at anytime. If We do cancel or reject Your order We will immediately notify You of our decision and will refund Your payment, if any, in that same manner in which You paid it.


  • A orders are considered cash sales and must be paid for in advance of delivery. Payment may be made in person or by any method shown on our website. We extend credit terms to businesses with credit approved in advance of the order and We reserve the right to deny credit to anyone at anytime. We cannot rush credit review in order to accept Your order. We take MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express (all versions), Cal-Card (State of California Visa), Cashiers Checks, Money Orders, Wire Transfers and Cash (but don't mail it!). We can even process ATM & Debit cards from most banks worldwide. We also accept Purchase Orders from educational institutions, companies and government agencies at our discretion. We reserve the right to impose credit card fees on any transaction over $500 USD. Credit card fees shall not exceed 3% of the total invoice including freight and taxes.
  • All credit accounts approved are for 30 days net or less. Generally We only offer credit to the U.S. Government, state, county and local agencies and educational institutions. We offer no discounts and We charge 1.5% per month on the outstanding balance if Your payment is late by more then 2 business days. We may deny credit to You at anytime regardless of any past credit grant or advance. If credit is not specifically granted on a quotation or sale the payment for an invoice is due in full with order.
  • If payment in full is not required, We still may require a deposit at our discretion. Deposits will be retained by GeneratorJoe and applied to cancellation fees, restocking charges, delivery, storage or other fees due for cancellation or refusal to accept an order and deposits may be applied to any outstanding balance for other sales or will may be returned at our discretion.
  • Small dollar sales under $10,000 are not eligible for credit. You need to use a credit card, wire transfer of other acceptable means pay.
  • If Your check bounces or You stop payment on a check, or You wire us funds and we are charged any fees by the bank, we may recover them fro You in this transaction or in a subsequent transaction. Bounced check, stop payment and similar actions that result in charges are billed and collected at the higher of $50 per transaction or the actual fees charged.


  • Due to the large amount of credit card fraud We must have rules to keep the crooks from stealing from us. All credit card transactions are subject to these rules.
  • You must supply Your three digit CVV2 code (located on the back of Your credit card) during the automated check out process or Your order will not be filled without further verification.
  • You must arrange to sign for Your shipment on delivery. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • We may require You to copy Your credit card and drivers license and fax us these documents before We ship. All transactions over $500 will be carefully reviewed to determine fraud potential. If We are not sure about the transaction being real, We will require You to prove who You are and that You are authorized to use the credit card.
  • We only ship to the address on the credit card. If You use an address other then Your credit card address We may at our option, decline the credit card sale, or require You to notify Your credit card company that this is an approved alternative address (which We will verify).
  • Any credit card transaction which has characteristics that appear on the "fraud practices list" will be looked at closely and We may at our option decline to honor the transaction and credit Your card.
  • If You require shipment outside of the continental USA, You must pay in cash or by money order or cashier check. We will determine what payment method we will accept to insure that we will be paid. If you cannot pay by the method we decide on, we will not process your order. Credit cards will not be accepted for purchases outside the United States. We will however accept U.S. Government credit cards from around the world.
  • We criminally prosecute people that engage in credit card fraud or attempt credit card fraud. We will provide all information We know about fraudulent credit card users to law enforcement authorities. GeneratorJoe is a retired law enforcement officer, need we say more?


  • GeneratorJoe terms and conditions of sale posted on this policy statement apply. Terms and conditions in this rental agreement override any conflicts in GeneratorJoe policy. Most conditions are shown below but all policies of GeneratorJoe apply regardless if on PO or not. PO terms DO NOT override our policies.
  • Rates are single shift (SS) double shift (DS) is 1.5 times triple shift (TS) times 2. Week rate is rate per week at unlimited hours.
  • Rental terminology. If customer agrees to SS, DSS and TS rates base on use the minimum is one month at SS.
  • If the customer wants unlimited hours than use the week rate times 4 MINIMUM.
  • Time out if from date of commitment to time of return to originating yard or next destination whichever is closest.
  • Standby rate is the same as rental rate.
  • A month is 4 7 day weeks or 28 rental days. This is traditional rental industry month.
  • Customer must pay cost of transport cost plus 20 %, Transportation logistics will be done by GeneratorJoe so that we can track and control units.
  • Transport costs are billed net 10 days to customer unless moved immediately with commitment and then costs added to first months rent. Return transportation billed on last months bill and last bill is due in 10 days net.
  • Customer must provide insurance rider at market value (as stated by GeneratorJoe) for each unit with model and serial number stated on rider. "GeneratorJoe Inc. dba GeneratorJoe and assigns and legal owner of equipment” is the name of the insured to be stated on the certificate.
  • If no insurance rider is provided by the time of departure of equipment, GeneratorJoe shall add the owners insurance charge plus 20 percent to the rental bill.
  • Transportation insurance is provided up to $2 million per unit when transported via GeneratorJoe hired carriers.
  • Customer must provide qualified electricians, installers, operators and supervisors. All damage caused by Customer personnel or damage caused to the equipment for any reason while in the custody of the Customer is the responsibility of the Customer. When repairs are conducted to repair damage, caused by the Customer or while in the Customers possession, the Customer shall pay the contract rental rate until the unit is returned to service.
  • Customer must perform service at 250 hour intervals by Cat dealer or other trained service group approved by GeneratorJoe. GeneratorJoe can provide service at cost plus 20 percent.
  • Fuel must be provided from a reliable source such as Ricochet Fuel. Customer is responsible for all repairs and service due to fuel problems. GeneratorJoe can provide fuel service at cost plus 20 percent.
  • Service and fuel is billed as delivered and is net 10 days.
  • Units delivered are minimally fueled and will be returned minimally fueled. DO NOT drain fuel tanks to go below priming level. Units above 1000 kW should have tanks 20 percent full for transport. 2000 kW units should have no more than 400 gallons of fuel for transport.
  • Terms are first months rent in advance by wire transfer and payment cycle billing thereafter. The next months rent is due on renewal. Renewal is at least 10 days before end of term, Terms such as 60, 90 days will be accepted provided they are in 4 week intervals. If no renewal notice is given by customer, it will be assumed that the customer WILL NOT renew and the equipment will be re-rented and picked up on the last day of the term.
  • If the customer does not renew and refuses to surrender the equipment the rental rate shall immediately double until the equipment is returned. This is not a penalty it is the cost to GeneratorJoe for rental of the equipment and replacement of rental units committed.
  • In the event of litigation to recover equipment or to collect funds owed, the Customer bears the total costs of collection and litigation incurred by GeneratorJoe including all court costs and attorney fees regardless of who prevails in court or in arbitration.


  • The rental agreement or other document that You are presented represents the rental agreement. In all cases the document will include the phrase "Subject to all terms and conditions of GeneratorJoe as posted on" This is notice to You that the rental return polices printed below apply to Your rental transaction with Us.
  • You agree that generator rentals are made to you on a custom basis. Each rental is quoted individually to fit your circumstances. GeneratorJoe rents their own equipment and rents from other companies and re-rents their equipment. Rental equipment can be provided from a number of sources and regardless of the source you are renting from GeneratorJoe.
  • We generally provide a quote or invoice to You showing the cost of your specific rental. When You sign and return the quote it becomes a contract. You may stop the rental process at any time, at no cost to You, if You cancel before You give your approval.
  • Once You have given your approval by signing any document including but not limited to a GeneratorJoe Rental Agreement, agent or re-rental agents Rental Agreement, an Invoice or other written commitment for the rental, then a "Rental Contract" has been made and the Rental cancellation Polices are in effect. The term of the rental agreement for cancellation purposes, is the initial term, exclusive of renewals, automatic or otherwise.
  • The total of the rental agreement for cancellation purposes, shall be the quoted amount of the rental, for the initial period, including all charges except Move In and Move Out and undelivered fuel. If Move In/Out fees cannot be determined from the job notes and the fees are not quoted in the rental document then the cancellation fee shall be applied to the rental agreement total inclusive of Move In/Out charges.
  • If GeneratorJoe or its rental or re-rental agent has ordered the rented equipment or reserved the time on said equipment or commenced delivery of any equipment or fuel, You may cancel the agreement at any time but You agree to pay cancellation fees, as specified in this policy to do so. The cancellation fees are the greater of GeneratorJoe's cancellation fees or the cancellation fees of our agent or re-rent company, plus any out of pocket expenses of GeneratorJoe or our agents or re-rent company, not covered by the cancellation fees. If a rental is stated as "minimum" the minimum rental term shall apply and cancellation only prevents renewal of the rental agreement.
  • GeneratorJoe's cancellation fee for rental of its own equipment is fifty percent (50%), of the total rental fee (excluding renewal terms) for the agreement term provided that equipment has not yet been moved. Once ANY equipment covered under the rental agreement is moved, loaded or transported, the You must also pay the Move In/Out charges that were included in Your rental agreement, whether such charges are itemized or not. Move In/Out charges shall not be modified or reduced by the amount of equipment moved, the distance moved and/or whether or not the equipment was unloaded and/or installed or not. These cancellation fees are reasonable liquidated damages for cancellation of the agreement. You agree to pay these liquidated damages if you cancel.
  • GeneratorJoe's cancellation fee for rental equipment from another company, agent or re-renter is the same as cancellation fees for GeneratorJoe equipment plus any cancellation, discharge or other fees charged to GeneratorJoe. These fees are liquidated damages for cancellation of the agreement with both the agent or re-rent company and GeneratorJoe.
  • Any costs associated with Your rental agreement, including fuel deliveries and retrieval, clearing of space for the rented equipment, signage placed, cleanup performed and miscellaneous labor, before delivery or after cancellation is Your responsibility and You will be billed accordingly. You agree that GeneratorJoe may include any charges of any vendor who participated in the rental process for the Rental Agreement you signed and may commence collection or court action concurrent with GeneratorJoe's efforts on the Rental Agreement itself.
  • You will be advised of cancellation charges in writing within five (5) working days from the time of cancellation. Fees are due in full and cannot be discounted for any reason. If you committed to a "minimum" the minimum shall apply because we have to rent the equipment to other parties and you must pay the rental rate to cover the downtime.
  • If you fail to pay the fees within five (5) working days after notice is received by mail, fax or personal service, GeneratorJoe may, at its sole option, either take collection actions via the credit reporting agency process or file an action in the appropriate court, or both.
  • All other polices of GeneratorJoe including reimbursement for court costs and attorney fees shall apply to rental agreements as stated in these policies


  • The receipt of Your purchase order or a verbal communication or email committing to purchase goods is an order (the "order"), the date that the communication is made is the date of order.
  • Orders that are cancelled on or after the date of order are subject to a cancellation charge of up to 50% of the order total depending on whether there are factory or supplier cancellation charges or not. This charge will be due whether the factory consents to the cancellation or not. GeneratorJoe may lower the cancellation fees in GeneratorJoe's sole discretion, however the minimum acceptable cancellation fee due GeneratorJoe shall be the sum of all reasonable out of pocket expenses, delivery and return freight, storage charges and disposal costs of ordered products including a reasonable profit thereon, plus lost profits on the orders cancelled or 20% of the order total whichever is greater.
  • If the manufacturer does not consent to the cancellation, then the contract amount will be due in full for the item involved and the cancellation policy shall be applied to the remaining items on the order.
  • If the manufacturer consents to cancellation or if GeneratorJoe has not actually ordered the product We MAY cancel Your order upon Your written request, however the manufacturers cancellation and/or restocking fees (if any) AND GeneratorJoe's cancellation and/or restocking fees shall apply to the order.
  • Products ordered during an emergency such as hurricanes, tornados, floods, forest fires and other disasters are cannot be cancelled(without payment of a cancellation fees and costs) and are not returnable for any reason. When supplies of equipment are short and in high demand, your purchase removes the products from the market and we lose sales because you have taken the product off the market. Returning products after an emergency is not acceptable for any reason. A 25% cancellation fee shall apply to all cancelled sales transacted when an emergency is in effect.
  • The total of all charges shall not exceed the total amount of the order. If You cancel any item or order that is part of a system on multiple orders, or consists of multiple items on a single order, We may cancel all or part of the system or the multiple orders and/or all the remaining items on order for Your order.
  • In the event that GeneratorJoe obtains possession of products You ordered, GeneratorJoe shall have the right to sell the products and credit Your account, taking into account charges owed in accordance with GeneratorJoe policy. We may retain any remaining amounts owed to You until all disputes are finally resolved. Please also see Returns, Restocking and Return Authorization.
  • Any order cancellation or refusal of product that results in credit card fees or charges to GeneratorJoe shall be reimbursed by the customer to GeneratorJoe or may be withheld from monies due to the customer from GeneratorJoe.


  • Orders for products We do not stock or for quantities that exceed what We normally turn over can not usually be cancelled.
  • We don't want to be stuck with a product that We do not normally sell and We do not want to have on-hand inventory that We can not sell immediately.
  • If Your order fits in this category You must accept the product or at GeneratorJoe's option We will either hold it for You until You do pick it up or accept delivery OR at our option We can apply the Order Cancellation policy in the order cancellation paragraph to Your order.


  • GeneratorJoe requires a return authorization and prepaid freight on any return or the shipment will be refused on our receiving dock, NO EXCEPTIONS! We do not accept returns on products that require repairs covered under warranty. See Warranty Repairs below.
  • GeneratorJoe only accept returns if We ship You the wrong product or in our discretion if the situation warrants it. For any return, the product must be in NEW (unused) condition with all original packing materials, manuals, parts, warranty cards and other materials shipped with the unit.
  • GeneratorJoe cannot accept the return of products that have been used as GeneratorJoe cannot sell them. It is illegal and dangerous to ship engines with that have been fueled. Many shippers use aircraft for transportation and shipping these goods by other than truck may have serious consequences.
  • GeneratorJoe may buy back products from You but the price offered will be below our wholesale cost and probably less then half of what We sold it to You for. If We buy the product back We must clean it up, test and inspect it and specially market it and reship it. We usually only buy back products that We can sell quickly.
  • All returns require a minimum restocking charge equivalent to twenty-five percent (25%) of Your invoice or as required by the manufacturer, excluding freight. The manufacturer charges restocking fees to cover their handling costs and We do too. (You will be charged both). The restocking fees charged to You will be at the discretion of GeneratorJoe. We will credit You in the same way You paid us, minus the restocking fee's) and any freight costs. Freight costs can include freight We paid shipping the product from the factory (or our warehouse) to You, shipping the product to You and shipping the product back to the factory. We will not give credit for freight in any direction.
  • We will refuse all shipments sent COD freight or returned without an RMA. If You return a product without an RMA, We will use our own discretion on the best course of action for a refund, exchange or restock and You agree that You will abide by our decision, including the amount We choose to refund. we will apply common sense.
  • Returned products that require repairs. If You return products to us that are defective or require repairs and You demand a refund, it is our policy that We will repair the unit at Your expense, sell the unit for 50% of its market value (less our freight costs) and credit You with that amount. We will retain the remaining 50% (one half as a restocking fee 25% and the other 25% for repair services and selling fees.
  • There is no acceptable reason for returning repairable products, because warranty service is completely or 100% paid for by the manufacturer and is at no cost to You. We cannot and will not take a loss on these returns because You purchase the wrong item, the wrong size of unit, or the wrong voltage or because You refuse to take the product to a local repair facility.
  • For order cancellations see Order Cancellation.
  • Used equipment, regardless of the source is not returnable. Equipment purchased and resold or equipment sold by GeneratorJoe as a broker or reseller is not returnable for any reason. Any discrepancies in equipment delivered must be claimed within 20 days of purchase or are deemed waived by the purchaser.


  • Do to high shipping costs We will not ship COD, EVER!
  • The method of shipping is Your choice, unless We are paying for the freight, then its our choice. All shipments are subject to carrier restrictions for size and weight. We have available all forms of UPS, USPS, FedEx, FedEX truck freight and others. We also use other trucking companies that are selected by the manufacturers We buy products from.
  • On the Freight Quoter inside the product or in the shopping cart, You insert Your zip code and press calculate shipping. This amount is only an estimate, not a quote of freight and we reserve the right to charge freight costs based on our normal policy. When You proceed through the Check Out You will be allowed to select the shipping method by carrier and price. The method You select will determine the cost of shipping, which will be added to Your invoice. If an item is marked free freight, You should not be charged for freight on that item. If You find a discrepancy, please let us know and We will correct it.
  • NOTE ON EXACT EXPRESS AND DEFINITE DELIVERY: If You purchase freight with a definite date of delivery, or so-called special delivery. You should be aware that the freight company can be late and NOT give you a refund, if they can show that the delay is due to an "act of god". Typically in a hurricane, tornado or fire area, trucks are not allowed to pass or the roads are blocked or airports are closed. Federal tariffs permit delivery at the earliest possible date after the company is prevented from delivering by causes beyond it's control. We only collect for the trucking company and We cannot provide refunds for late delivery unless and until the trucking company gives Us a refund. These refunds are rare.
  • We will do everything We can to get Your order out as fast as possible. If You need emergency order expediting, Your invoice will be charged at twice the usual freight rate which will be added by a second invoice or credit card charge, after Your order is shipped.


  • Freight damage is the responsibility of the carrier.
  • We are not responsible for freight damage and We cannot file a claim for You.
  • Manufacturers likewise will not pay for freight damage or send You or us free parts damaged by the freight company.
  • Inspect for damage on receipt and report all discovered damage to the carrier immediately.
  • Write on the bill of lading or other shipping document the damage that You see and sign it.
  • Make Yourself a copy before the drive leaves with the paperwork.
  • Please tell us about the problem too, We need to know when carriers damage our products.
  • IMPORTANT ! Once your shipment arrives, please follow these instructions precisely:
    1. Examine box for damage thoroughly before signing freight bill.
    2. Check bill of lading to be sure all items have arrived.
    3. Note all carton damage or shortage on bill of lading before signing. If carton is damaged note "possible concealed damage" beside description of damage.
    4. Sign bill of lading.
    5. Have driver sign as witness to condition.
    6. If product is visibly heavily damaged - refuse delivery.
    7. Do not discard any cartons or packing materials until your unit is functioning properly.


  • All of our suppliers inspect and test all parts and assemblies before shipment to us. We inspects all incoming products (that we take possession of) and inspects them again when packing products for shipment to You. Many of our products are dropped shipped to You direct from the manufacturer and they will inspect each product before shipment.
  • All generator suppliers that GeneratorJoe deals with, inspects and tests sub-assemblies as units are built. Finished units are fueled, oiled and run to insure that all components function and are adjusted properly. GenSets are drained of fluids for shipping and re-inspected prior to shipment.


  • All new equipment is sold with a manufactures warranty as stated in the warranty page of this web site or as shown on documents supplied by the manufacturer with the equipment.
  • The warranty that is the most restrictive shall control regardless of the method of delivery of warranty information to You. GeneratorJoe Inc. and/or GeneratorJoe and its officers, agents and employees do not have the authority to amend, add to or delete any warranty provisions in writing or otherwise except as may be approved by the President of the company in writing. All other modifications are void.


  • Warranty repairs are handled according to the warranty repair policy for each manufacturer as stated in the warranty section of this website. Engine powered products that are defective or require repairs cannot be returned to GeneratorJoe for service.
  • Warranty service and repairs are performed in Your community by factory authorized equipment dealers, generator repair facilities and small engine repair facilities.
  • We will help You find an authorized repair facility for Your equipment, there are literally thousands of qualified companies worldwide.
  • Disclaimer of warranties. GeneratorJoe is not the manufacturer of the equipment provided or sold to You and makes no express or implied representations or warranties as to any matter whatsoever, including without limitation, the merchantability of the equipment, its fitness for any particular use or purpose, its design or condition its capacity or durability, the quality of material or workmanship in the manufacture or assembly of the equipment, or patent infringement or the like, and expressly disclaims any such warranty. You as the customer waive and release any expectation of or reliance on any such warranty or warranties. GeneratorJoe shall not be responsible for any failure or defect unknown to GeneratorJoe.
  • GeneratorJoe shall not be responsible to You or any third party, whether arising in contract or tort, out of any negligence or strict liability of GeneratorJoe or otherwise, for (i) any liability, loss, damage or injury resulting, directly or indirectly, from or in any way attributable to the operation of, use of, or any failure of or defect in, the equipment, (ii) any consequential damages, including those for interruption of service, costs of delay, loss of business, or anticipated profits, or (iii) the delivery, operation, maintenance, repair, improvement or replacement of the equipment.
  • You agree that it will not be entitled to recover, and by purchasing or renting equipment from GeneratorJoe disclaim and waive any right that You may otherwise have to recover, consequential damages as a result of any breach or alleged breach by GeneratorJoe of any agreement, representation, or warranties of GeneratorJoe regardless of the form of any statement of such agreement, representation or warranty.
  • You acknowledge that the sales price or rental rates have been calculated in the light of such waivers, among other factors.
  • All warranty claims shall be made by You to GeneratorJoe directly. GeneratorJoe shall administer all warranties and take into consideration Your claim and the opinion of the manufacturer of the product and make a warranty determination. GeneratorJoe shall decide all warranty issues in is sole discretion and these warranty decisions shall be final. Used equipment is not warranted by the provider, manufacturer, dealer or service provider unless specifically provided for in writing provided by the supplier of the products.


  • Dealers, Resellers or Sales Representatives sell or resell our products on the internet, telephone or in person. We call these persons Resellers and whether they are persons, companies or representatives they are independent businesses over which We have no control.
  • We do not dictate business practices, prices, policies, credit terms or hours of operation.
  • If You do business with any Dealer or Reseller and You are dissatisfied for any reason, please talk to the Dealer or Reseller to resolve Your problem. If You cannot get resolution put Your complaint in writing and send it to the Dealer or Reseller and copy us.
  • We will do all We can to help You resolve the problem satisfactorily however the final determination of the solution to Your problem will be determined by the Dealer or Reseller not GeneratorJoe Inc. or GeneratorJoe.
  • Resellers can resell product they have purchased from GeneratorJoe or may simply be commissioned sales persons selling our products and making a commission on the sale.
  • Resellers are not authorized to sign contracts, commit GeneratorJoe to any product sale or collect money on behalf of GeneratorJoe. Any transactions purporting to commit GeneratorJoe must be on documents provided by GeneratorJoe and transmitted directly to the customer and signed by an officer or management employee of GeneratorJoe. Any documents not meeting these requirements will be considered fraudulent and of no force and effect whatsoever, regardless of their content. If you have any doubt of the validity of any document contact or call 707 542-2224 during normal business hours.


  • All transactions with GeneratorJoe shall be governed by the laws of the State of California and any applicable multi-state laws currently in effect.
  • We will always attempt to resolve any problem You may have with products We sell by involving the manufacturer and our in house experts as early as possible.
  • By purchasing products from GeneratorJoe, You agree that our liability shall be limited to the purchase price You pay for goods and services from GeneratorJoe, exclusive of freight, taxes and other fees.
  • Under no circumstances shall GeneratorJoe be liable for direct, indirect, incidental, consequential collateral or any other damages whatsoever regardless of the circumstances. We are not responsible for the selection, use or misuse or care of products sold.
  • No officer, employee, agent, dealer or reseller may modify the policies and disclaimers posted on this website except in writing and signed by President of GeneratorJoe Inc. and at least one other officer of the corporation.
  • You the purchaser are solely responsible for the safe storage, use and disposal of all products You purchase


  • In the event of a dispute between You and GeneratorJoe, for any reason, arising out of any agreement, written or verbal, the dispute shall be resolved by binding arbitration in accordance with GeneratorJoe policies. If either party fails to participate in arbitration then the other party may initiate court action. If the injured party cannot contact the other party or if the other party refuses to communicate with the injured party this will be considered failure to participate, in accordance with this paragraph.
  • Binding arbitration is the preferred method of resolving any dispute that arises between You and Us. Either party may initiate arbitration, which will take place in the State of California, County of Sonoma under the rules established by the American Arbitration Association. If litigation is commenced, the dispute shall be resolved by a court of competent jurisdiction in the State of California, County of Sonoma.
  • The arbitrator or the court hearing the matter shall apply all applicable laws and all GeneratorJoe policies as stated herein.
  • The prevailing party shall be entitled to reasonable attorney fees and costs of enforcement of the sales or other agreement. Recovery of all fees, charges, cancellation and restocking fees, expenses of storage and disposal of products ordered and the like shall be due to GeneratorJoe, in addition to legal fees and costs collected.
  • Rental agreement disputes may be immediately litigated to recover equipment and fees. In the event of litigation to recover equipment or to collect funds owed, the You bear the total costs of collection and litigation incurred by GeneratorJoe including all court costs and attorney fees regardless of who prevails in court.


  • All trademarks & logos are copyrighted by the respective owner.
  • All model information and product images are provided directly by the manufacturer and their product literature.
  • All other information provided within our site is copyright © GeneratorJoe Inc. dba GeneratorJoe.


  • Connection of a generator to house power requires a transfer device to avoid possible injury to power company personnel.
  • Consult a qualified electrician, electrical engineer or other licensed professional.
  • We are not responsible for ANY damages to equipment We sell You or to Your property damaged by installation, use or presence of the equipment sold either directly, indirectly or consequentially.
  • Transfer switches and inlet boxes must be installed by a qualified electrician and the connection must comply with all applicable laws and electric codes.

Manuals, Documents and Submittals

  • Manuals, documentation, wiring diagrams and other submittals of information is provided in CD format. We avoid printing any documents on paper due to the cost and environmental concerns. If a customer requires printed materials they must print them off of the CD provided.
  • Statements in customer contracts that require printed documents or submittals will be deemed satisfied by the supply of our standard CD for the product.
  • Any documents that are provided by GeneratorJoe, for any reason, that is available on CD will cost $1 per page and $100 for the binder, or cost whichever is greater.
  • GeneratorJoe will only provide documents that exist at the time of the manufacture of the product. We cannot produce special documents such as parts lists, replacement parts indexes and the like for the obvious reason that it is expensive to do so.
  • raining, maintenance and service manuals are generic and apply to entire lines of engines, GenSets and accessories. It would be impossible to provide a specific manual for each product and GeneratorJoe cannot produce individual explicit manuals for each product.

Startup, Service and Maintenance Training

  • Service, Maintenance and Startup requirements typically stated in contracts issued by large companies and government agencies will only be provided if specific line items in the quote state that such items will be provided and a line item of cost is shown for each item.
  • Blanket statements that services such as startup, service training, operator training, safety training and variations of these requirements shall be satisfied by the supplying of the standard product CD unless a specific line item with a price is shown on the GeneratorJoe invoice for the product shipped.
  • Boilerplate text in contracts, quotes, government regulations and other documents shall not be determinative and control the obligations of GeneratorJoe unless GeneratorJoe has specifically agreed to provide the services in writing signed by a GeneratorJoe corporate officer.
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